Tuscany vineyards near Florence to visit in Chianti

Tuscany vineyards

Soils and vineyards

One hundred and twenty hectares of vineyards, capable of absorbing nourishment from our clayey and iron-rich soil.

The union between soil and vine really makes the difference: every vine has its own characteristics and its own needs and knowing them and being able to foresee them is extremely important.

With Sangiovese, which covers the largest area of the vineyards of the winery, this experience becomes a must!

Red wines

We breed with passion our Sangiovese, Merlot, Canaiolo, Cabernet, Colorino, Syrah vines from which come our excellent red wines that, thanks to a careful work in the cellar, transmit intense flavors and fragrances.

White wines

Our white wines I.G.T. come from Malvasia, Trebbiano, Vermentino grapes that are vinified in white and at a controlled temperature. This allows to exalt their qualities to the maximum and to tell the best of the scents and flavors of our land.

Our vines are grown with both
Guyot and spurred cordon.

The Guyot is a well-known technique that allows a moderate and controlled development of the vine giving the grapes a better quality with healthy and intact bunches, the spurred cordon allows us to obtain a good vegetative-productive balance.

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